Elizabeth Miner, a physical education teacher in Baily is the 2014 Coloroado Teacher of the Year.

Miner, who teaches at Fitzsimmons Middle School, was chosen for the honor by the Colorado Education Association.

Miner, who has taught for seven years, received the award during a ceremony at the school

“Every day I show p to school, I have a personal mission and that is to ensure you as students, are getting the best education as possible, she said. I want you to enjoy being physically active so you will continue an active lifestyle throughout your whole life.”

CEA President Kerrie Dallman noted in the announcement that it was ex citing to have a physical education teacher as the recipient. “We believe a comprehensive, well-rounded education gives students all the skills and tools they need to compete for jobs, achieve their potential and make a better life.”

The two other finalists were Susan Tipton a teacher at Bricker Elementary in Harrison School District 2, and Melisa Maes-Johnson who teaches at Heaton Middle School in Pueblo.