USA is feeling the crisis of uplifting the standard of real education especially, Civics & History for its future generations. Many are listening to the alarm bells from different quarters about the miserable qualities of the school pass-outs. Some parents are careful only about the Math or Science calibers of their wards but not many are concerned about related loopholes of their wards’ school preparations.

The Dangerous Condition of Ignored Education

The devastating fact revealed by the recently conducted survey by the National Assessment of Educational Progress says that only one third of the 8th graders of US have the proficiency in these History or Civics important subjects. If the survey is to be an eye opener for all the Americans, no one will differ on the fact that American students are on the verge of collapse, because out these mentioned students of 8th grade, only 18 percent of the students could score proficient in Civics and only 22 percent of them could score proficient in History.

Warning Bells through the Writings of Many Educators

Many educators are warning through their different press releases or through white papers about the dwindling importance of History and Civics in American Schools. These educators are blaming the long time or chronicle factors such as declining curriculums, weaker pedagogy and glossy text book materials are the mainly responsible for today’s dispiriting impacts on education. Some of these educators have titled their topic with “The Crisis of History and Civics in American schools”.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

If any immigrant wants to become US citizen, he / she has to pass the Neutralization Test. The test is the proof that America allows the right to vote, facilitates the immigrants to improve their livelihood by allowing their family members to immigrate and permit them to stay with them and ultimately in return they must show their loyalty to the USA. The applicants must have to score 60% to pass this test. The record shows that 92 percent of these applicants pass the test. However, the school students in America find the contents with the same subject line very uninteresting.

Let All Americans Know the Truth

It is vividly observed that the basic knowledge of American students in History and Civics is alarmingly weak. If the students really know about the life time benefits of studying History and Civics, and through this studies the country will reap a qualitative harvest. But otherwise of it, the future generation of the country will eschew decay of disposition, skills and knowledge, needed for to become a true citizen.