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    • Jan 2013
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    20 Digital Learning Day Activities For Your Classroom


    Digital Learning Day is tomorrow. We wanted to give you a little time to prepare. What is Digital Learning Day, you ask? Why is it different from any other day? It’s basically a single day to get administrators, educators, parents, companies, and students all talking about using technology in education on the same day. Think of it as a way to have a more cohesive conversation about education technology … more than the nonstop 24-7-365 chaotic stream of information that we see every other day.

    Key Things To Know About

    While Digital Learning Day won’t be too different from most other days, there are a few reasons to take notice:
    • It’s an excuse to try out some innovative education technology or digital learning tools you’ve been meaning to tackle.
    • There’s a Town Hall (you can watch it live here) being held at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.
    • You can check out the official website here for a host of useful lesson plans, videos, events, and ideas on implementing digital learning in your school, classroom, district, or home.

    Apps, Tools, And Activities For Your Classroom[/h] The following are simply some of our favorite digital learning activities we’ve written about over the past couple years. Each activity consists of either a web tool, app, or other useful methodology being used by teachers right now. Enjoy!
    1. First, get familiar with this pedagogical framework for digital tools- The framework is based on a distinction between a monological, a dialogical, and a polyphonic form of teaching. The three forms of teaching can be distinguished by their different perceptions of how learning takes place, and by their different perceptions of the relations between subject matter, teacher and student.
    2. Try out the new classroom management tool ‘Today’s Target’The aim of Today’s Target is simple, for students to set short-term and measurable targets which can be reviewed by their teacher.
    3. Do some video-based question-and-answer sessions with this new Questions app – It’s like a cross between Chatroulette and Quora with a sprinkling of Skype. Questions – Ask and Answer is fun and innovative.
    4. Speaking of video chat, here’s how to learn a language via video chat! – Connecting with other learners can always be a useful tool – and for language learning, connecting with native speakers of the target language is just about the best practice you can get.
    5. Ready to teach online? Here’s a WordPress plugin that lets you build your own online school - Ever wanted to build your own online school? A new WordPress plugin called Sensei by WooThemes might be a good place to start.
    6. Need the best digital resources? Here’s a teacher’s guide to the Library of Congress – We thought you might enjoy an actual guide (written for teachers and education in general) that’s easy and a solid resource for the Library of Congress.
    7. While on the topic of libraries, here’s a new edtech startup that wants to make you better at research – Los Angeles startup Papermache will combine a social network with a digital portfolio, allowing university students to legally share their graded research papers with a peer community.
    8. Got an iPhone 4S or 5? Here’s how to use Siri in the classroom – Apple’s tool, Siri, doesn’t get many headlines these days. So why not check out these tips on using siri in the classroom?
    9. Why not try this new way to use Wordle in digital learning? – There’s a new way to teach using wordle. It involves actually withholding a bit of information and making students think a bit harder. What fun!
    10. Try out Explania – it’s a free source of online videos – Whether or not you prescribe to the idea that there are different types of learners there are some scenarios in which a visual explanation is extremely helpful in understanding the subject matter at hand.
    11. Making a video? These tools from Adobe should help – Adobe has just made public some pretty large updates to their popular Creative Cloud.
    12. Want to try texting in the classrom? Here’s some methods and tips - Whether you teacher teenagers or five year olds, keeping in touch with students and/or their parents is often on a teacher’s to-do list. Gone are the days of sending home hand-written and photocopied notes to parents, this is 2013.
    13. Use digital learning and music to enhance your lessons – I think that sometimes we tend to forget that it can offer its own array of instructive materials for students of any age and in a variety of subjects. Not only that, but it can offer this in a form that we are all familiar with (and furthermore, already enjoy!): music.
    14. Make some custom newspaper clippings with this fun tool – After stumbling across an animated GIF cat-maker, I came across something actually useful! Perfect for show-and-tell, it’s an easy way to make your own newspaper clippings.
    15. Grab the iPad in math class to use this app for teaching algebra – For many students algebra seems too abstract and hard to learn. They often resort to ineffective memorization and in the long run find only frustration and failure.
    16. Create a digital storytelling project (great for PBL) with these tools- Digital storytelling projects encourage students to express themselves visually, which is a different skill from writing.
    17. Implement exit slips the digital way with these 12 tools – This year our district implemented the use of exit slips to assess student daily learning. So, what are exit slips? Quite simply, exit slips are used to help students reflect on their learning and express their ideas and learning about a topic.
    18. Algebra Touch Math iPad App: A Teacher’s Review – A teacher’s review is the best kind of review for fellow teachers, right? So here’s how Kyle Pearce feels about the Algebra Touch Math iPad App.
    19. Get started with an iPad in your classroom using these apps – My students love using their iPads for everything. Sometimes it’s hard to determine how to create activities that are meaningful and fun. Students who are encouraged to be an active participant in their learning, retain more information and are more engaged in their learning process.
    20. Teach about the environment using these terrific STEM apps - The following STEM apps were put together in a handy visualization by NeefUSA and is filled with some very useful (and quite popular) apps to help learn about STEM and the environment.
    There’s a host of other activities you should try out for Digital Learning Day. Browse around Edudemic and other sites like ours to find some inspiration. Consider it your homework for every day … not just Digital Learning Day.
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    Wow! These are some really great tools. As a prospective English teacher and a current aide, I love no. 16. It's a perfect way to bring technology into the classroom in an applicable manner. Thanks for this!


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      You welcom !!